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The AI Experience Centre is a space which was designed to host AI & Robotics related events whilst promoting a human-centred focus and multidisciplinary collaborations. Due to the COVID-19 crisis our team has decided to continue our work by organizing online webinars. The webinar series kicked off with a discussion about ‘The Role of News Organisations, Social Media & Fake News Analysis in Times of the COVID-19 Crisis’ on the 11th of May. The guest speakers were Prof. dr. Ike Picone from the Studies in Media, Innovation and Technology (SMIT) research group and dr. Tom Willaert from the Artificial Intelligence Lab. Both researchers presented their work and gave tips on how to tackle the phenomenon of fake news. The following day the webinar series welcomed  Prof. dr. Bram Vanderborghtir. Albert De Beirir Lieven Standaert, and Prof. dr. Mark Runacres who shared their first-hand experience doing research and developing artifacts to fight the virus.  If this brief recap sounds intriguing but you missed it, you can now catch up with the webinars on our YouTube channel. Click below to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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