The AI Experience Centre is well positioned to be able to cater to policymakers. Due to its prime location in Brussels and experience with policies, the Centre is an excellent choice for policymakers to search for knowledge in the field of AI and Robotics.

Lifelong Learning – Skills and Knowledge Development

The Lifelong Learning Program presents a variety of services all of which are designed to advance your skills and understanding of digital transitioning. The offer entails workshops, courses, and deep-dive session with experts. This service is facilitated by one of the core research group of the AI Experience Centre, the Artificial Intelligence Lab. The Lab is renowned for being the first of its kind on the European mainland founded in 1983 and for its outstanding work in AI and Robotics.

Public Seminars & Lectures

If you are looking to be up-to-date with the latest trends and discussions in the field of AI sign up to our Public Seminars & Lectures. These events are hosted by experts, raising crucial and innovative concepts whilst promoting responsible AI. Additionally, our events are accompanied with networking opportunities where you get to meet professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Get in touch to keep up with leading seminars and lectures.

AI Experience Centre as a Venue

Are you looking to organize an event focusing on AI innovations? The VUB AI Experience Centre is an excellent space to spark stimulating discussion and solutions in the field of AI. The Space is available for both public and private events, like roundtable discussions or panel discussion. Our resources are ready to assist you in organizing an event of your choice to achieve your goals.