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The AI Experience Centre is dedicated to helping the industry, policy-makers, NGOs, and researchers implement and work with relevant Artificial Intelligence innovations. For this reason, the Centre comprises the knowledge of experienced researchers from a variety of fields. The Centre delivers solutions which consider not only technological but also societal aspects to produce human-centered and responsible AI and thereby align with Europe’s AI strategy. Our service offerings have been carefully constructed to ensure that all aspects of AI solutions can be assessed in the development process and to assist you with your inquiry. 


The Centre welcomes all types of organisations ranging from Large Enterprises (LE) to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Together with your organisation the AI Experience Centre explores the appropriate possibilities of AI innovations for you.


The AI Experience Centre is well positioned to be able to cater to policymakers. Due to its prime location in Brussels and experience with policies, the Centre is an excellent choice for policymakers to search for knowledge and development in the field of AI and Robotics.


The AI Experience Centre invites NGOs to explore the possibilities of AI and Robotics innovations together. Our multidisciplinary academic background is experienced in working together with a variety of non-profit organisations and therefore, we are familiar with the NGOs dynamics. 


As the Centre comprises 4 different research groups, we represent a multidisciplinary body working on AI & Robotics solutions. Our team is dedicated to enable further research promoting human-centred AI. Get involved with AI & Robotics research and grow your network with us.

The AI Experience Centre’s commitment to promote European values within the field of AI and to assist organizations in the development of AI solutions has earned the visit of Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission. The president reviewed the AI demonstrators and discussed them with our experts. She was pleased to have encountered ‘AI that can serve the people’.  Read more about Ursula von der Leyen’s visit to the AI Experience Centre here