The Artificial Intelligence Lab is the first lab of its kind in the European mainland established in 1983. Alongside their pioneering work in research and education they also offer services to the industry. Their expertise includes multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning, cognitive AI & more. Click here to learn more about the Lab.

BruBotics comprises eight different research groups thereby they offer access to the interdisciplinary expertise of hundreds of researchers from different fields. The groups focus on Human Robotic technology, such as AI, exoskeletons, social robots, & more. Learn more about BruBotics here.

ETRO offers 40 years’ experience in the broad field of Electronics and Informatics. The group is actively engaged in research and development of innovations and education. Their influence and impact in the field is internationally recognized. For more information about ETRO click here.

SMIT’s work is dedicated to their motto ‘Making your technology society-proof’. They offer services in the field of living lab, market & policy, and privacy, ethics & literacy research across three domains: smart media, smart cities, and smart health & work. Read on for more information here.

The Knowledge Centre Data & Society promotes socially responsible, ethical AI in Flanders. It does so by bringing together the expertise of three research centres: SMIT (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), the Centre for IT & IP Law (KU Leuven), and imec-MICT (Ghent University). They offer their services to the Flemish industry, policymakers, regulators, and citizens.

The DataBuzz is a hypermodern mobile laboratory designed to bring a new approach to educational technologies. The primary goal of the bus is to strengthen the Flemish-speaking students’ digital literacy. It is a collaboration between imec-SMIT and the Flemish Community Commission (VGC). Interested in finding out more? Click here.