The AI Experience Centre invites NGOs to explore the possibilities of AI and Robotics innovations together. Our academic background is experienced in working together with non-profit organizations and therefore, we are also familiar with the NGOs dynamics. Due to our multidisciplinary research groups we can cater to a variety of fields. Get in touch to work together on creating a suitable solution for your organization.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Opportunity Workshop

The four core research groups of the AI Experience Centre offer access to the VUB multidisciplinary workshop methodology. Experts from a variety of academic fields are available to consult with you or your organisation to establish short- and long-term AI based innovation plans. Our team employs an initial evaluation – the AI Readiness Assessment- to define how can we benefit your work with AI solutions. This stage also serves as an opportunity to outline a business model and/or a workshop to define short- or long-term research projects relevant for you. It is also a chance for you to share with us your inquiries which we accompany with our suggestions. Our work also considers the societal impact AI and Robotics presents including privacy and ethical matters. According to your demand our team can develop short- and long-term projects for your organisation.

Lifelong Learning – Skills and Knowledge Development

If you have been planning to advance the digitalisation process of your organisation this service is suitable to help you doing so. Our team constructs courses, workshops, and offers deep-dive session with experts, and assistance with the set-up of a Research In Residence Programme. This service is provided by one of the core research groups of the AI Experience Centre, the Artificial Intelligence Lab. The research group is notable for being the first Lab of its kind on European mainland being founded in 1983. Since then it has successfully contributed to research and education.

Test Infrastructure

The four renowned research groups that contribute to the AI Experience Centre provide multidisciplinary experience in developing AI innovations for various purposes. This valuable expertise underscores this service in developing a framework to ensuring a suitable environment for testing AI innovations. Furthermore, the Centre also offers different test infrastructures to aid the R&D process of your organisation in an academic context.

Public Seminars & Lectures

The AI Experience Centre hosts regularly public seminars and lectures in the topic of AI and Robotics. Our invited speakers are of various backgrounds sharing novel concepts of the field. If you wish to be up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of AI and Robotics get in touch with us not to miss the next event. Additionally, this event is accompanied with the opportunity to network with other professionals.

AI Experience Centre as a Venue

If you are looking for a venue to host a stimulating event related to AI and Robotics the AI Experience Centre already has a rich track record in hosting such events. The on-location demonstrators of AI research and other resources create a stimulating environment for a discussion which revolves around artificial intelligence. Get in touch with our team to arrange your event at the VUB AI Experience Centre.