The AI Experience Centre offers multidisciplinary excellence both in fundamental and applied research on AI. The Centre’s four core research groups focus on developing AI and Robotics innovations whilst also considering their deployment. Our experts’ multidisciplinary approach incorporates technical, legal, and social scientific knowledge which leads to the creation of appropriate and suitable artifacts for You.


AI Technology

  • Cognitive AIHuman and animal cognition, evolution of speech
  • Applied Mathematicsdigital data acquisition, representation, analysis, communication, security and forensics
  • Computational CreativitySimulation of intelligent and creative human activities on computers
  • Evolutionary and Hybrid AIEmergent communication and computational grammar
  • Knowledge Representation and ReasoningProblem-solving starting from explicit domain knowledge
  • Multi-agent SystemsMultiple interacting learning agents
  • Reinforcement LearningMulti-criteria, sample-efficient RL, safe and explainable AI

Policy and Socio-economic Impact

  • Algorithm DiversityPromote inclusion and help close social gaps
  • Digital InclusionDigital and media literacy to develop accessibility
  • Policy Analysis Encompassing evidence based studies, prescriptive and evaluative
  • Tools on Transparency of Bias in AlgorithmsEnhance transparency and thereby trustworthiness
  • User EmpowermentEnd-user development/programming
  • Methods to Involve Domain Experts and Machine Learning Techniques in the Design of Human-Centered AlgorithmsTranslating instruments to support the creation of trustworthy AI


  • Collaborative RobotsAssistance in the industry (e.g.: workfloor)
  • AR and VR in surgery and for use in rehabilitationEnhance the computer assisted surgery experience and reduce the cognitive pressure on surgeons
  • Smart (compliant) ActuationSafe and energy efficient compliant actuation
  • Self-healing Soft RoboticsSelf-healing actuation; the robot realizes when and where it needs to initiate the healing process
  • Social RobotsAssistance with the elderly
  • Industrial and Rehabilitation Human Augmentation TechnologiesDevelopment and evaluation of (next generation) exoskeletons for industrial and rehabilitation use and bionic prostheses

Signalling Processes

  • Audio-Visual Signal Processing (AVSP)
  • Multidimensional Signal Processing and Communication

In speech/audio and image/video processing in the context of multimedia research, in the exploitation of new opto-electronic devices for applications of ambient intelligence, and in joint channel-source coding