The AI Experience Centre is home to the Brussels office of CLAIRE . The office is supported by the Belgian AI community, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). We are dedicated to contributing to the confederation’s agenda in building an infrastructure across Europe for creating Artificial Intelligence (AI) which represents European values and standards. As such, our emphasis lays on providing access to knowledge that is not only innovative but understands the ethical implications of technology. Brussels plays a crucial role in this joint plan for its central location in European decision making processes. Therefore, the Centre’s responsibility is to also supply policy makers, the industry, NGOs, researchers, students, and the general public with information and up-to-date developments.

If you are representing a research institute or an AI driven organisation we invite you to support CLAIRE by subscribing and becoming a member of the CLAIRE network.

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Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe emerged as a grassroot initiative from AI academic research field which then received financial support from various European governments. CLAIRE’s ambition is to achieve excellence across all of AI everywhere in Europe promoting a human-centred focus. The confederation’s agenda prioritizes tackling the current challenges in the European AI field by creating a network which mobilizes relevant stakeholders to promote trustworthy AI. Accordingly, the principal goals have been outlined:

  • Establish a Hub and create a network of Centres across Europe to increase excellence in AI and enhance the flow of knowledge.
  • Promote human-centred, trustworthy AI by defining the essential interests in Europe, support novel research opportunities whilst also increasing funds towards existing scientific strengths in AI.
  • Initiate collaboration with key stakeholders by launching mechanisms for citizen, industry and public sector engagement. For smooth development process define and address challenges in various sectors and across a wide range of applications (series of Theme-Development Workshops). Finally, involve innovation driven start-ups for the purpose of scaling up.

The agenda is executed by establishing a trademark and clarifying the Hub’s centrality in the European AI landscape. The hub and the centres together should serve as outstanding facilitators for research and innovation.  For this reason, each location is strategically decided upon to ensure its accessibility and reach to top AI sites. Each member of the CLAIRE Network is to receive access to national or regional hubs. The hub acts as a platform to connect organisations, labs, and local industries to then collaboratively agree on challenges and approaches.