The Centre welcomes all types of organisations ranging from Large Enterprises (LE) to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Together with your organisation the AI Experience Centre explores the appropriate possibilities for AI innovations for you.  Our experts offer guidance to a variety of sectors regardless of the organisation’s maturity level, or experience with AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Opportunity Workshop

This workshop benefits from the VUB multidisciplinary workshop methodology where experts from different academic fields join decision makers from your organisations / organisational unit to identify long and short-term AI based innovation plans. This offer starts off with an initial AI Readiness Assessment designed to examine and evaluate your organisation to identify needs and opportunities. This assessment also provides a basis for setting up a business model and/or for setting up a workshop to define short- or long-term research projects. This is also an occasion for you to develop specific inquiries which we can complement with our insights. The workshops also focus on the societal impact AI innovations present to your organisations and as such, address ethical or privacy-related matters. Depending on your desire we can create short- or long-term plans/solutions for the organisation.

Lifelong Learning – Skills and Knowledge Development

The Lifelong Learning Program entails a wide range of services carefully constructed to advance your organisation’s digital transitioning. The services include courses, workshops, deep-dive sessions with experts, and assistance with the set-up of a Research In Residence Program. The Lifelong Learning is offered by one of the AI Experience Centre core research groups, the AI Lab. The AI Lab has a longstanding track record in AI research as the first is the first AI lab on the European mainland founded in 1983. Since its funding it has been active in both research and education.

Test Infrastructure

The AI Experience Centre is positioned at the forefront of multiple AI research groups to act as a platform between organisations and academic experts including the infrastructure for testing. Our research partners bring decades of efficient testing of innovations to the Centre. This indispensable experience leads to the development of a framework offered by our Centre which grants a safe environment for testing. We also offer access to other test infrastructures to help your organisation with R&D in an academic context.

Public Seminars & Lectures

The AI Experience Centre serves as a stimulating environment to host various AI-related lectures and seminars. Participation in these events ensure you are up-to-date with the most relevant trends in the current AI field. The topics address technical developments, as well as societal concerns to promote the use of human-centred and responsible AI applications. The seminars and lectures also serve as an excellent networking opportunity. You will get the chance to meet not only other professionals but also experts in specific domains and ask questions. We recommend registering for such events if you wish to learn more about AI applications, innovations, and their inherent ramifications. Subscribe to our newsletter or check our agenda to learn about our events!

AI Experience Centre as a Venue

The AI Experience Centre is home to numerous demonstrators of AI technology from different research fields. The environment has been designed to also act as a space that is stimulating for events concerned with innovations, AI applications, and digital transformation in general. As such, the Centre is an excellent choice of venue for both public and private AI-related events such as workshops and roundtable discussions. Get in touch with our team if you wish to organize an event in the AI Experience Centre.

Become a Partner of the AI Experience Centre

We offer the opportunity to become a partner of the AI Experience Centre. The offer addresses organizations of all kinds which have produced market ready AI solutions or are interested in becoming a structural partner in a 3 to 5 years multidisciplinary AI research program. This is an opportunity to work together with experts of the field and benefit from world renowned AI research capabilities present at the VUB.